Children’s book focus: The Witch’s Garden

The Witch’s Garden was recommended to us by Nandi Lessing-Venter. At Womanfluence, we love reading and encouraging children to read as well.

The Witch’s Garden, written and illustrated by Lidia Postma, was originally published in the Netherlands in 1987 as “De Heksentuin”. It was later distributed in the United States by McGraw-Hill in 1979.

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The story revolves around a group of children who live near a little red brick house occupied by a woman who is perceived as a witch. Despite their initial fear of her, the children are eventually intrigued and curious about the secrets hidden within her garden. They decide to accept the woman’s invitation to explore her garden and uncover its mysteries.

The book explores themes of curiosity, friendship and the idea that appearances can be deceiving, as the children learn to look beyond their initial judgments and stereotypes about the woman who lives in the little red brick house. The garden may hold magical or enchanting elements that captivate the children’s imaginations and teach them valuable lessons.

The Witch’s Garden is a story that encourages children to be open-minded and curious while also promoting the idea that reaching out to others and forming connections can lead to wonderful discoveries and new friendships.

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