Julia Tiffin: empowering women and nurturing the feminine energy

We spotlight Julia Tiffin, owner of Julia Tiffin’s Practive, as our #womanfluencer.

In the world of personal development and empowerment, Julia Tiffin stands as a shining example of a woman who has charted her own unique course. She shares her journey, her proudest achievements and her insights on empowering women, mindfulness and living life to the fullest.

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A journey of transformation

Julia reflects on her remarkable journey: “I stepped into the field of personal development after experiencing the undeniable results of sessions and training from The Modern Mystery School, one of the seven Ancient Mystery Schools. These experiences were so profound that I made the courageous decision to transition from my successful career in various visual arts fields.”

Her achievements in the visual arts, including her role in running a fine art photography department at a university in KwaZulu Natal in South Africa, her successes in the film industry and her global recognition as a fine artist, are a testament to her talent and dedication.

However, Julia reached a pivotal moment when she realised that her true calling lay in personal development and spiritual growth. “I reached a crossroads on a very specific day and I just couldn’t justify working on more commercials for people to buy more toothpaste, insurance, cars and yoghurt (!) when the sessions I had started offering (on the side) were so profound.”

Building a legacy of empowerment

Julia’s journey in personal development was not without its challenges, especially in the early days when these teachings were new to South Africa. “It was not easy to manage nay-sayers in the earlier days as these teachings and sessions were entirely new to the South African arena, but the results kept speaking for themselves.”

One of her proudest achievements was building a countrywide personal practice that was self-referring and filled with flow. Julia reflects on this accomplishment with pride. “From knowing nothing, with no existing guide ropes, my first proud achievement would be building a countrywide personal practice that was self-referring and filled with flow – actually that expanded to satellite practices in four other countries too.”

In addition to her personal accomplishments, Julia cherishes the leaders who emerged from her work: “More than that achievement, it is the leaders that emerged from this work that I am very proud of.” These leaders have continued the foundation she built, empowering people to grow both internally and externally.

Balancing masculine and feminine energies

As a woman in the entrepreneurial world, Julia discusses the challenge of balancing masculine and feminine energies. “I would say the biggest challenge for me has been an internal challenge: the balance between running masculine and feminine energy as an entrepreneur.” She recognises the importance of harnessing both energies effectively to avoid burnout and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Julia emphasises the significance of women embracing their feminine energy and the unique qualities it brings to the table. “Women have been conditioned to think that the feminine energy is not an effective or even worthy energy, but it has been shown via neuroscience that in a boardroom, the presence of just one woman in a corporate meeting opens the intelligence of the group in an entirely different way.”

A message of care and authenticity

Julia’s advice to women striving to make a positive impact is rooted in authenticity and self-care. “Remember to take care of your internal world.” She highlights the importance of nurturing the feminine energy and allowing it to shine in all aspects of life. Julia believes that “soft skills” traditionally associated with the feminine, such as intuition, sensitivity and empathy, are invaluable in shaping a positive world.

In her daily life, Julia is guided by core values, including care, honesty, transparency and partnership. These principles have not only shaped her perspective but have also driven her actions and decisions.

Julia’s journey is a testament to the power of authenticity, the importance of embracing feminine energy, and the profound impact one can make by following their true calling. As a #womanfluencer, she continues to inspire women and empower them to live life to the fullest.

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