We spotlight Lizelle Mostert, owner of The Healing Room, as our #womanfluencer.

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In the pursuit of holistic well-being, there are individuals who stand out as beacons of inspiration, guiding others towards a healthier and more balanced life. Lizelle Mostert, an accomplished Reiki Master and practitioner, is one such remarkable woman. With her unwavering dedication to Reiki and her journey towards healing, Lizelle is making a profound impact on those she encounters.

The path to Reiki:

Lizelle’s journey into the world of Reiki began with curiosity and a deep yearning for holistic healing. “Reiki is an ancient energy healing modality. It means the channeling of universal energy through the practitioner’s hands to the client to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit while it helps to remove pain, stress and emotional worries,” she explains. Her personal health struggles led her to explore this transformative practice further.

“I was always very intrigued by the holistic side of healing and I have struggled myself with some serious health problems. So, from my very first Reiki session, I was inspired to learn more,” Lizelle shares. The profound sense of well-being she experienced after her first session compelled her to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Unable to find a Reiki practitioner in her hometown of Kimberley at the time, she made the courageous decision to become a Reiki practitioner herself. Lizelle’s dedication to her own healing led her to attain the level of a Reiki Master.

The healing power of Reiki:

For Lizelle, Reiki has been a life-changing experience. “Reiki changed so many things for me personally,” she notes. “The one thing for me, for sure, is my health and my mental health. I healed so much from within with Reiki that I do not ever get sick anymore, from my gut to my hormones to my weight. Reiki became my lifestyle.”

Reiki extends beyond physical healing; it also fosters mental and emotional well-being. “But it also helped me to continue a more positive and productive life that is filled with gratitude, love and peace,” Lizelle adds.

Empowering others through Reiki:

Lizelle’s journey as a Reiki practitioner has been profoundly rewarding. She has witnessed countless transformative moments in the lives of her clients. “There are many memorable moments from so many clients,” she reflects. “From moms that use Reiki to help them fall pregnant and clients that understand for the first time why they struggle with mental health problems and how they can address it better. Cancer clients that get better blood counts.”

Each client’s experience contributes to Lizelle’s own growth and understanding. “And with every client that I am helping through Reiki, it teaches me as well,” she says.

The power of mindfulness:

As a practitioner of Reiki and an advocate for holistic well-being, Lizelle believes in the importance of mindfulness. “I believe that present moment living is the answer to any mindfulness practice that one wants to do,” she emphasizes. “So, every day I start my new day with gratitude and the choice to live that day in the present moment.”

She offers practical advice for those seeking to incorporate mindfulness into their lives. “Tips for mindfulness start with consistency,” Lizelle advises. “Try to get a routine for yourself to take time in your day for a moment to practice mindfulness. That will make life more peaceful for yourself and before you know it, you would want to do more.”

Addressing misconceptions about Reiki:

Reiki, like many holistic practices, has faced misconceptions in the past. Lizelle acknowledges these misconceptions and emphasizes the importance of personal experience. “Yes, there are many misconceptions about Reiki because in the earlier years, people connected it more to religion and spirituality than it was about the healing,” she explains. “Nowadays, with more technology and new studies to prove the science behind Reiki, people get to understand the health benefits of this healing modality.”

Lizelle encourages individuals to explore Reiki firsthand: “For me, it is as much about the science and the studies as it is about the health benefits. I always say to clients come for a session, feel for yourself and then you decide, because I know when the body feels the relief of the energy and receives the healing, it will always want more.”

The journey continues:

Lizelle’s commitment to Reiki and her clients remains unwavering. “I do continue my work by seeing clients and doing as much Reiki as I can and building my business,” she shares. “By doing Reiki, I learn so much of myself through every client I see.”

She is also dedicated to continuous learning and growth. “I joined a group that teaches an advanced Reiki master’s course,” Lizelle reveals. “You can only heal your client as far as you yourself have healed. So it is a lot of hard work on oneself to keep healing and keep learning so that I can give the best version of me to everyone that comes to me for Reiki.”

For those seeking the healing power of Reiki and the guidance of a compassionate practitioner, Lizelle Mostert is a beacon of hope and transformation.

📞 Contact Lizelle Mostert: 0765496741

📷 Instagram: @the_healingroom_

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📍 Location: Melkbosstrand, Duynefontein, 10 Kiewietjie Road

Embrace the journey of healing and self-discovery with Lizelle Mostert, a true #womanfluencer in the world of holistic well-being and Reiki.