Lunchbox ideas – Tuna Pasta Penne

Read here how to make a delicious, mouthwatering, Tuna Paste Penne in just minutes.

Tuna Pasta: Penne with tuna, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, slightly steamed sweetcorn, crunchy sprouts and cubes of medium hard cheese with a dash of cold-pressed olive oil and Lavender vinegar.
Freshly popped popcorn with a sprinkle of Himalayan Salt.
Halved strawberries with a light sprinkle of xylitol.
Plain Water

Raw fruit & vegetables are the ultimate healthy food, always try and include them in your child’s lunchbox. As you can see in this lunchbox I have mixed 4 raw vegetables into the pasta as well as the fruit.

Author bio: Jenette White is a qualified Nutrition Consultant with a special interest in children’s health. “As a parent I can see such a positive change in my own children’s health just from eating healthy and I would like to share some idea’s and guidelines with you on healthy eating as well as creating quick & easy, healthy lunchboxes.”For more lunchbox ideas and healthy eating advice contact Jenette White on 0828866838 or alternatively visit my “School Lunchbox Blog”  at

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