Madre Kohn: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs through Creativity and Resilience

Welcome to our series highlighting the remarkable women entrepreneurs of South Africa. Throughout this series, we will showcase the journeys of inspiring women who have built their own businesses, created new brands and shattered glass ceilings in their industries.

These women embody the spirit of innovation and determination and their stories will offer insights into the challenges they faced, the lessons they learned and the strategies they employed to succeed. Join us as we celebrate the achievements of these visionary women and explore the vibrant landscape of women-led businesses in South Africa.

#womanfluencer Madre Kohn

We profile the remarkable Madre Kohn – graphic designer, entrepreneur and single mother. Madre has built a successful design business and online store for children’s items, but it’s her personal journey that truly sets her apart. After tragically losing her husband, Madre has bravely shared her experiences of love, loss and starting over on her blog – which has become a source of inspiration and comfort for many.

Madre has had a passion for art since a young age. She pursued graphic design and photography as a creative career path and worked for various companies and agencies. “I’ve always felt trapped and unhappy working for others. Being an entrepreneur and running my own business allowed me to find fulfilment and enjoyment in my profession,” says Madre. Her self-discipline and organisational skills have played a significant role in managing her business successfully.

Madre’s online store for children’s items originated from her own experiences as a mother. She designed and made personalized name stickers for her son’s stationery when she couldn’t find designs she liked from other companies. The positive feedback she received from friends and the durability of the stickers led her to establish a business. Over time, the range of products expanded to include reward charts, planners and other items. The online store,, has become a platform for parents to find unique and high-quality items for their children.

Following the tragic loss of her husband, Madre embarked on a journey of healing and self-discovery. “I felt the need for more relatable and raw content on coping with loss, especially in my own language (Afrikaans) and age group.” Inspired by her own search for meaningful material, Madre started a blog that combines her love for writing and design. Her blog serves as a source of comfort, inspiration and humor for those going through similar experiences. The response has been overwhelming, with many people expressing gratitude and relating to her stories.

As a single mother, Madre acknowledges that balancing business and motherhood is a constant juggling act. “I take each day as it comes, being mindful not to be too hard on myself. Simplifying my life and reevaluating priorities have been essential in finding a balance. Making tough choices and adapting to new circumstances have been necessary steps to maintain my own sanity and be the best mother I can be for my two sons.”

Madre’s advice to women starting their own businesses while raising children is to believe in yourself and your passion. “Multitasking and putting in extra hours when needed are part of the process. It’s important to be passionate about what you do and to stay committed, even in the absence of immediate results. Women have the ability to handle more than they think.”

Madre’s upcoming online store holds exciting prospects. Designed by herself, the store will feature motivational, enlightening and funny items.

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