Pregnancy mood and your relationship

Being pregnancy can cause a lot of strain to your relationship. How should you handle it?
Being pregnant can make you irritable, emotional and sometimes – completely irrational.

Before falling pregnant, most women think that although pregnancy has some minor niggles, it will be a sacred time filled with pregnancy glow and excitement.

This is however, far from the truth for most women. While your hormones are riding a very nauseating rollercoaster, you may experience some bad mood swings (like PMS just about 100 times worse) and with the added pressure of planning your finances, nursery, parenting methods and thousands of other emotional and physical adjustments, it’s not surprising!

While having a baby is undoubtedly a massive milestone in any relationship, it can also cause a bit of strain. You may find yourself irrationally crying because hubby brought home the wrong type of cheese for the sandwich you’ve been craving all day, or furious to the point of having a hulk-like fit because he doesn’t agree with your views on something/everything.

Why am I so emotional?

In the first trimester in particular your hormones may be causing your emotions to be very heightened, whether these emotions may be excitement, fear, stress or sadness. Progesterone has a certain effect on your neurotransmitters that could explain these heightened feelings. Pregnancy can be quite an overwhelming time for parents-to-be, and while that first ultrasound with a healthy beating heart may cause a woman to experience a great sense of joy, fears about the baby’s upbringing may similarly cause great anxiousness and stress. It’s a lot of changes to every single part of your life, and processing and planning it all is a process. Luckily you have 9 months to figure things out before baby comes!


Probably the best way to make sure you don’t have stressful arguments with your significant other is to keep the line of communication as open as possible. Tell your partner what you are experiencing, and how crazy certain things make you feel. The more you share, the more he will understand what you are going through. Admitting that you do react very irrationally to little things also helps him see that the reasonable woman he knows is still in there somewhere behind all the hormones. Also tell him about the changes your body is going through, as he might also see why you are freaking about everything with new eyes. Growing a baby is hard work!

Take it easy!

Doing things that you find relaxing plays a big role in keeping you content and keeping mood swings at bay, so book yourself in for that prenatal massage you’ve been thinking about, go for that walk along the beach or take that 2 hour long bubble bath. You won’t have much time for yourself after the baby is born, so make sure you make the most of these precious last months and treat yourself. It’s really better for you, your partner and baby when you relax.

Looking after yourself

The way you look after yourself physically plays a bigger role in your mental wellbeing than you may think. Eating healthy and often, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep will make you feel better physically and also help your hormones to fluctuate a bit less, making you feel happier generally, so don’t underestimate the power of that nap you think you don’t have time for.

Pregnancy isn’t something you should be trying to face alone. Your partner, family and friends want to be there for you, so don’t hesitate to talk things out if you have concerns for the future. Also allow yourself to be your own top priority for once, and your partner will surely also have an easier time. Above all else remember that what you are feeling and experiencing is normal, and try to accept the ups and downs as they come. – Joanie Ludik