10 Weeks pregnant – what to expect

It is amazing how much growth happens in this period, just over a short span of time like a week.

Although it does feel as though the morning sickness is a dragging nightmare, chin up, because not long now and it will all be over. And then, dear mama, you’re going to experience a wondrous three months where you’ll most likely feel the best you’ve ever felt, and that’s a promise! Yes, maybe even better when you were still playing netball at school all fit and full of energy. You will feel all that, PLUS you will have the gorgeous pregnancy glow about you. And your skin! GLOWING!

And another perk of that time – you’ll be falling head over feet in love with your partner again. It’s that giggly and deep love type of vibe. It is heaven. It’s as if you’ll find yourself in a dream world of calm and tranquility and happiness, and just feeling at peace with life. So chin up, better days are a’comin’!

What to expect?

You can still hide your pregnancy from everyone around you, friends and colleagues. It is always advisable to always wait until the end of the first trimester and beginning of the second trimester around 12 weeks. Expect to go bra shopping, as you might really start needing a bigger size. Things are getting a bit tight!

Where is baby at?

Your baby is now the size of a strawberry! If you could do a close up, you’ll see your baby is growing teeny tiny toenails and fingernails, how amazing are that!

What should I be doing?

At this stage it is good to start thinking about how you would like to have your baby born. Do you want to do it at home, with a doula present, a water birth, in your own room. Or an elective c-section.  Then of course there is also the regular old-school way of going into labour, rushing to the hospital and waiting it out. Doing it the old-fashioned way, like it has always been done, either at home or at a hospital in the maternity ward. Do keep in mind that complications may arise and that your gynea must opt for an emergency c-section. That is something that happens quite regularly.

But the good news is, is if you do a course with your partner on Hypnobirthing, you learn how to stand tall in situations like this and differentiate when you are perhaps being bullied into a c-section. So really go into it and read up about it. There are various hypnobirthing classes going around. Usually it is presented by a doula and that doula really becomes your best friend at this stage. She is of the utmost importance to a mom birthing and she will have your best interests at heart, stepping in and raising questions to the medical staff that might want you to to go against your own vision of delivering your baby naturally. Think about all of this and do your homework. The internet is your friend here, read up about other birthing experiences by moms just like you. And in the end, follow your gut-feeling.

  • Jana Cloete

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