Moomie is back!

Moomie has been relaunched with a new look, a new take on motherhood and a new forum!

Jana Grobbelaar, owner of Dottry Media (Pty) Ltd, parent company to the Moomie fertility, pregnancy, parenting and women’s hub, says it was time for a change.

“Since Moomie launched in 2009, a lot of things have changed. Motherhood is now all-encompassing. Women are open to new ideas, mothers are supporting each other on WhatsApp and Telegram, asking questions on Facebook and are more open to being vulnerable.”

She says she remembers in 2009 one aspect that was hardly ever touched on, was post-natal depression.

“This is something that impacts a women’s life tremendously. We now have sections where we talk about mental health, relationships, trauma, loss. This is all part of the journey. You are not only a mother, you are also a woman. And as your child grows up, you do too. There are different stages in your life, where you focus on different aspects. Once your child becomes a toddler, then tween, then teenager, the challenges that you face are different. We are here to hold your hand.”

With the new Moomie layout, it’s easy to navigate between sections, join the chat forum and follow the hub on social media.

“We want to make it easy for mothers to get involved, speak their minds. Sometimes, you might be scared to ask something online that others might attribute to you. On the forum, you can register anonymously. That’s the beauty.”

Moomie is inviting all women trying to conceive, pregnant women, women with babies, toddlers, teens, or just finding themselves, to join this exciting journey!

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