Pronatalism: the movement gaining popularity among Silicon Valley elite to save humanity

Pronatalism is a philosophy that advocates for an increase in birth rates to ensure the survival of the human race. The website is a non-profit organisation founded by Simone and Malcolm Collins in 2021 to promote pronatalism and to address the declining birth rates around the world.

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The website provides resources and information on pronatalism, including articles, videos, and research on the benefits of having children, as well as the risks of declining birth rates. It also provides a community for pronatalists to connect and discuss their views and experiences.

The movement has gained traction in recent years, particularly in the tech industry, where concerns about declining birth rates and the future of humanity have become more prevalent. Proponents of pronatalism argue that having children is a biological imperative, and that without enough children, societies will struggle to maintain their populations, economies, and cultures.

Critics of pronatalism, however, argue that it ignores the environmental and social implications of population growth, and that it can lead to the exploitation of women and the suppression of women’s rights.

Despite these criticisms, and other pronatalist organizations continue to promote their message and have gained support from figures such as tech entrepreneur Elon Musk and psychology professor Diana Fleischman.

The website also provides information on reproductive technologies, such as artificial wombs, that could help boost fertility rates in the future. It advocates for the use of these technologies to support families and promote the survival of the human race.

Overall, is a platform for the promotion of pronatalism, a philosophy that advocates for an increase in birth rates to ensure the survival of humanity. While it has gained support from some quarters, it also faces criticism for its focus on population growth at the expense of other concerns such as sustainability and social justice.

What do you think? Is humanity on its way to demise with lower birth rates?