The decision to go back to an ex-partner who promises to change is a complicated one. On the one hand, people can and do change and it is possible that your ex is sincere in their desire to improve themselves and make things work between you. On the other hand, past behaviour is a good predictor of future behaviour and it is important to consider whether or not the changes your ex is promising are realistic and sustainable.

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It is important to start by considering why you broke up in the first place. Were there fundamental differences in your values, communication styles, or life goals that led to conflicts and misunderstandings? Did your ex engage in behaviors that were hurtful or abusive? If the issues that led to your breakup are deep-seated and unlikely to change, it may not be worth going back, even if your ex promises to change.

If you do decide to give your ex another chance, it is important to set clear boundaries and expectations. It is not enough for your ex to simply promise to change; they need to demonstrate that they are actively working on themselves and their behavior. This might involve attending therapy, seeking out support groups, or making specific changes to their lifestyle or behavior.

It is also important to consider your own needs and desires. Are you willing and able to forgive your ex and move past the hurt and pain that led to the breakup? Are you prepared to be patient and give your ex the time and space they need to work on themselves? Do you still love and care for your ex, or are you simply feeling lonely or nostalgic for the past?

Ultimately, the decision to go back to an ex who promises to change is a personal one that depends on many factors, including the nature of the relationship, the reasons for the breakup, and the willingness of both parties to work on themselves and the relationship. If you do decide to give your ex another chance, be sure to communicate openly and honestly, set clear boundaries and expectations, and be prepared to be patient and understanding as they work on themselves.