What to expect in your third trimester

Third trimester 28-40 weeks…Finally! The last stage of your pregnancy. What to expect?


Unfortunately, the third trimester can be as demanding as the first.  You may find you need to visit the toilet more frequently again, your baby’s weight can start to take its toll on your posture, and finding a comfortable position to sleep in becomes a nightly challenge.

A warm bath, lavender oil, warm milky drink, relaxation techniques such as self hypnosis, or a relaxing massage from your partner are all things that can help you to fall asleep more easily and sleep for longer.

The uterus is now so large it is pushing right under the lungs, and you may find yourself short of breath and that you tire easily.  Because of the lack of space for your internal organs now you may find that your appetite is reduced as well.  By 36 weeks your baby should have turned to a head-down position and in the weeks following this will drop lower into the pelvis.  This relieves much of the breathlessness and suppressed appetite but is counter-balanced by additional pressure ‘down below’.

Normal gestation

At 37 weeks your baby is ‘full term’ and could potentially come at any point – anything up to 42 weeks is actually normal gestation and unless you have a caesarean section scheduled, there is no way of knowing exactly when your baby will come – it is very much ‘when they are ready to’.

Been pregnant forever

So now the end of your pregnancy is in sight, which can make you more impatient – when will you ever get to meet this baby! It can really feel like you have been pregnant for a lifetime! You may start feeling more anxious about the birth, what having a baby will actually mean for you and your partner – do you have everything you need? Relax! Newborns actually need very little, other than love, food, and a safe warm place to sleep.

If there is anything you have forgotten you can get it later on – family and friends are always so generous too so you will always end up with more than you bargained for!

*Kim Young is a trained Hypnobirthing Childbirth Educator. View her website here.


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